New Jersey State Championship

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

After a hard-fought finals match against 9708, 765A, and 4610D, we emerged victorious, along with our teammates, 4610Z and 750W. We also won the Programming Skills Champions award for the state of New Jersey, a testament to the efforts of our programmers, without whom the robot would not function. A huge shoutout to 765A, who won the Excellence Award, and 2616F, who won the Design Award. Hope to see you at the World Championship!


Monroe Tournament Champions

Monroe Township, New Jersey

Our second tournament of the year, and our first victory. After major improvements and design changes to our nautilus shooter, we ended up with arguably the most accurate shooter in New Jersey. Single-handedly scoring over a hundred points per match, we were a force to be reckoned with.


BCIT Tournament Champions

Burlington County, New Jersey

In this competition, we demonstrated our lift by low elevating our partner, 9490, causing us to win. So far, we are the only team in NJ to successfully elevate a partner robot. Our other teammate, 750E, played the field, complementing our driver load strategy. We scored a large number of balls into the high goal, demonstrating our unique nautilus gear shooter.


Ranney Excellence Award Winner

Tinton Falls, New Jersey

After a dominant performance throughout the qualification matches, a new personal best driver skills score, and the best programming score in New Jersey, 750C proved itself to be one of the best teams in New Jersey. Going undefeated, even in a one-versus-two match against two of the best NJ teams, showed us and the other NJ teams that we had come a long way since our first competition.



See our robot in action!



See what our robot can do!

Unique Nautilus Gear Shooter

Powered by three motors, our nautilus shooter pulls back rubber bands, providing near-perfect accuracy while being quick to fire.

Powerful Chassis

Our six-motor drive provides intense torque while maintaining its speed, even under heavy loads. It allows us to get balls from the field with ease, increasing our scoring potential.

Fast Lift

Our lift uses a transmission system to get power from the same motors as the drive, providing a large amount of lifting power while conserving resources.